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Lucid Contexture, 2007

James Gray Gallery,Santa Monica,CA USA

Essay: Dorit Feldman

Deconstruction, according to Barbara Johnson*, is not synonymous with ‘destruction’ of the original text; it is closer in meaning to ‘analysis,’ which etymologically denotes ‘to undo.’
A reader/writer of a deconstructive text neither confronts the text, nor criticizes it from an external vantage point. Instead, he performs an act of intimate, close reading of the text, exploring its texture, perusing which claims the text is trying to present and which to hide, and then writes the called for ‘sequel.’
The Lucid Contexture as a visual text in the current series may, in a continuum-minded retrospective gaze, appear as a titular practice which originated some two decades ago with Space Lines, Indications in Time, was reinforced via images of The Spirit of Time, through flight of the Distance of the Mind which created Unified Fields, deciphered Encoded Libraries, strove for The Secret of Depth in order to bring about Transmutation from the locus of the Golden Heart through the insights of Transparent Channels, in a process evolving From Conception to Contemplation – an introspection and extrospection aimed at the construction of a lucid narrative.

Dorit Feldman


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